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President Wallis and ELI representatives in Brussels at ERA seminar on EU rules for digital contracts

Today, ERA hosted a seminar on the new EU rules for digital contracts in Brussels. Among the speakers and chairpersons on the seminar were ELI Council members Hugh Beale, Matthias Storme, Friedrich Graf von Westphalen and ELI President Diana Wallis. 

The seminar followed a workshop held by the European Parliament yesterday and the ELI Conference held in Vienna in late January. This topic is clearly highly topical and can have a lot of impact on European sales law.

At the end of the seminar ELI President Diana Wallis headed a round table where the views of consumers, traders, platforms and the European Commission were all presented.

In her concluding remarks, President Diana Wallis noted that in a sense, this was the third attempt to harmonize contract rules within Europe and that it is a good sign that all the speakers and everyone that intervened is already looking at the details. It seems that it is no longer a question of whether harmonized rules should be introduced, but rather what their exact content should be.