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ELI Membership: reflecting and maintaining the full diversity of lawyers in Europe and beyond

The ELI membership has grown significantly every year since its creation in 2011. Having started with 53 founding Members, the Institute has overcome the milestone of reaching more than 1,000 Members in 2014. Currently 53 nationalities are represented, marking the wide reach beyond Europe and EU Member States. More than 80 Institutional Observers have joined the ELI, including a number of Supreme Courts, supranational organisations and law firms. Maintaining diversity with regards to areas of expertise, nationalities and different professional backgrounds will be essential to keep the ELI a vibrant community of legal professionals, a unique meeting point for its Members and to add legitimacy of projects approved by this broad constituency:

“Where imbalances in our membership are perceived to arise, we will target them, a few at a time, ensuring diversity geographically, with regards to the areas of expertise of our Members and professional backgrounds”, explained Walter Doralt, Chair of the Membership Committee. “We want to address imbalances early on and our focus will change about every six months. At this time, we hope to attract more lawyers with expertise in Criminal Law, Tax Law and Labour Law.”

Doralt notes: “This requires active help from our members: Our Members, in their professional environment, know who has particular expertise in these areas of the law and could be interested in joining the ELI. Suitable colleagues should therefore be encouraged to apply for membership. This is welcome in general and, now particularly, for those with expertise in Criminal Law, Tax Law and Labour Law.”

All other applications of excellent lawyers are, as always, highly desirable too, irrespective of this current focus. Membership applications are made online, directly through the ELI website. Detailed information on what the ELI currently does and stands for can be found on the ELI website as well.

Membership fee: if you have not yet paid your membership fee for 2015, please do so by bank transfer or PayPal. Please contact the Secretariat with any questions arising in this context.