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The ELI Executive Committee met in Vienna

On 11 December, the ELI Executive Committee met in Vienna for its fourth meeting in 2015. The ELI administrative body met for the first time in the new premises of the ELI Secretariat, at Schottenring 16, not far away from what had been the usual meeting point in the last few years.

The tight agenda of the meeting was a very positive sign of all that is going on in the European Law Institute. Just when two new ELI projects are starting to run on family law and migration law, possibilities for cooperation with other organisations to embark on projects in diverse areas of law are very positively received by the Executive Committee. All these proposals were discussed in detail in December and members of the Executive Committee are now working with the support of the ELI Secretariat, to provide the Council with concrete proposals for its discussions in February. During the meeting, many other aspects of the ELI strategy and functioning were addressed, such as finan es, hubs, SIGs and external cooperation.