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The ELI Family Law Working Team meets for the third time in Utrecht, 10-12 April

A two-day meeting of the ELI Project “Empowering European Families - Towards More Party Autonomy in European Family and Succession Law” is taking place in Utrecht on 10 – 12 April. This is the third meeting organised in the framework of the project and the second within the Workstream 1, after the first one held in Vienna, on 11 January.

The main purpose and topic of the meeting in Utrecht is to discuss the National Reports received for Workstream 1. This should allow for the comparative analysis of the options of choice of court and/or law afforded under EU conflict rules and, as far as relevant, under national conflict rules.

The aim of the whole project is to create European model dispositions, agreements and information sheets that will reduce the complexity and uncertainty that international couples in the EU are faced with. The project is organised in three Workstreams, which will result in developing one-stop shop solutions for married couples (Workstream 1), registered partners (Workstream 2) and individuals in informal relationships (Workstream 3).

You can find more information about the project here.