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The ELI is Six Today

The European Law Institute (ELI) marks its sixth birthday today and like any other infant it continues to grow. With over 1,300 individual members (including academics, judges, lawyers and other legal professionals) and 100 Institutional Observers (such as professional associations, international organisations, national supreme courts and other courts of high instance, academic bodies and networks, European institutions as well as law firms), the ELI is committed to the principles of comprehensiveness and collaborative working, thus striving to bridge the oft-perceived gap between the different legal cultures, between public and private law, as well as between scholarship and practice. 

The last year has seen the growth of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which facilitate networking and bolster the exchange of knowledge across specific areas of law and Hubs, which provide a forum for ELI members to meet closer to home, communicate in their native language, discuss current or upcoming projects and generate ideas for future ELI activities. Also, the European Young Lawyers Award, which seeks to give voice to future European legal experts while also helping the ELI to fulfil its core mission of improving the quality of European law, has recently been launched. With several other ideas underway, the ELI has much to look forward to. 

We invite you to peruse our website for further details and join our commitment to stimulating European legal development.   

The ELI in Figures

  • Members
    • From 60 jurisdictions in Europe and beyond
  • Projects
    • 6 completed projects 
    • 8 current projects 
    • several prospective projects
  • Publications 
    • 1 Instrument 
    • 7 Statements and Supplements 
    • 1 response to Consultation 
  • 11 SIGs 
  • 10 Hubs