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The ELI participated in the launch of the EU-China Legal Affairs Dialogue

The first - initial - meeting within the Framework of EU-China Legal Affairs Dialogue (LAD) took place this week in Beijing and the ELI was very well represented. The EU delegation was chaired by EU Commissioner Věra Jourová and composed of Director General of the DG Justice Tiina Astola and Head of Unit Contract Law, Dirk Staudenmayer, as well as of the ELI President, Diana Wallis, Vice-President, Christiane Wendehorst, and ELI Council member Friedrich Graf von Westphalen.

The start of this crucial Dialogue comes at a moment when the Chinese State Legislative Council is looking at a new e-commerce law just as the EU is considering the two European Commission’s proposals on sale of digital goods and on-line sale of tangible goods. It is well known that the ELI’s work in these areas has been acknowledged by European institutions as being very pertinent. The meetings with the Chinese delegation provided an excellent opportunity to exchange views on many legal issues, including digital content, dispute systems and Internet of things, and to begin to explore what legislative convergence might be possible. 

The visit of the EU delegation to China aimed at initiating an EU-China Legal Affairs Dialogue (LAD), an extremely important step towards a better mutual understanding of the European and Chinese legal systems as well as a necessary feature enhancing EU-China cooperation. A second meeting within the LAD Framework will be held in Brussels next year. Vice-President Wendehorst was invited as an expert and for the University of Vienna, the only European university represented in this dialogue, and Friedrich Graf von Westphalen participated in his capacity as a member of the CCBE. Participation of these leading ELI members in an EU delegation proves that the work of the Institute is acknowledged and highly appreciated by the European Commission.