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International Burch University - Social Sciences Research Centre

Social Sciences Research Center of the International Burch University was established in 2013 with the aim of providing assistance and aid to scientific research in the field of social sciences with special focus in law. In addition, the goals of the Center are to affirm the center as a place of meeting and cooperation between scientists and experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the region. The activities of the Center are conducted through research, the organization of conferences, seminars, symposiums and discussions, and results are presented in many forms, such as journal publications and papers.


Internacionalni Burč univerzitet

Centar za Društvena Istraživanja

Francuske revolucije bb Ilidža, Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina


+38 733 944 446


+38 733 944 500

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The European Law Institute is an entirely independent organisation which aims to improve the quality of European law.