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Members Consultative Committees (MCCs)

For most ELI projects, the Council will establish an MCC shortly after the Reporters or project leader and other members of the Project Team have been appointed. The MCC will comment on the project plan and on any preliminary project results that have been submitted. Any ELI Member who is interested in actively contributing to the development of a project is invited to join the MCC, irrespective of the Member's status as a Fellow, Individual Observer or Institutional Observer. There is no limit to the number of Members who can participate, and MCC members need not be experts in the relevant field. MCC members come from various legal professions and specialise in different areas of law. It is exactly this diversity which enriches the debating potential of the MCC and makes its contribution so valuable.

In order to enable as many ELI Members as possible to participate effectively in the work of the MCC, reporters and project leaders are urged to make extensive use of electronic communication, in particular the MyELI platform. Nevertheless, a physical meeting of the MCC must be held once every year on the occasion of the ordinary General Assembly, where many ELI Members are present. Reporters may call as many additional physical meetings of the MCC as they deem appropriate, provided the results are also made accessible to those members who could not attend.

When an ELI project is conducted under the regular procedure (i.e. not the accelerated procedure), meaning that results may only be published on behalf of the ELI following approval of both the Council and the General Assembly, the relevant MCC will play an important role in providing the General Assembly with information on the project and its outcome before the vote.