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Upcoming Projects

The following projects are in different stages of development. We expect a good number of them to become official projects of the ELI. 

Feasibility study: Data as an asset and tradeable item in the 21st century (together with the American Law Institute, ALI)

Background information

The law governing trades in commerce in the United States and in Europe has historically focused on assets, and on trade in items, that are either real property, or goods, or rights (including shares,...

Feasibility study: Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets (together with the Uniform Law Commission, ULC)

Since 2015, the ELI has been conducting a feasibility study for a joint project, together with the U.S. Uniform Law Commission (ULC), on fiduciary access to digital assets.

Feasibility study: Vulnerable Adults and the Conflict of Laws

At the 2016 ELI Annual Conference, a panel discussed the possibilities for an ELI project which will address the needs of vulnerable adults, who are temporarily or permanently unable to protect their welfare and/or their...