Italian Hub Co-Organised a Workshop on Fairness, Freedom, and the Value in the Digital Age


On 17 June 2021, the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law, with the support of the European Law Institute’s Italian Hub organised the workshop 'Fairness, Freedom and Value in the Digital Age: The Role of Private Law in Redressing Power Imbalances in Emerging Technologies'.

The workshop aimed at creating a medium for discussion on how the transformative nature of private law can operate as an agent of social justice in the face of digital practices being systematically involved in the contemporary society.

After Chantal Mak (Professor, University of Amsterdam) had opened the workshop, Roger Brownsword (Professor, King’s College London) delivered a keynote speech on 'Redressing (Technology-Related) Imbalances of Power: If Private Law is not the Solution, then What is the Answer?'. Then, prominent legal scholars and emergent researchers presented their current projects in this area during two sessions.