ELI Model Rules on Online Platforms Discussed in the Context of the Digital Services Act


On 17 December 2020, the ELI Digital Law SIG hosted a debate on ‘The ELI Model Rules on Online Platforms and the Digital Services Act: Which Rules for the Platform Economy?’. This debate, which was organised as a dissemination event of ELI Model Rules on Online Platforms, also provided a first assessment of the European Commission’s highly anticipated Digital Services Act Package.

The Digital Services Act Package, as part of the European Digital Strategy, intends to modernise the legal framework for digital services. In particular, the Digital Services Act will update the rules on platform liability. 

Earlier this year, ELI has published its Model Rules on Online Platforms. This publication aims to contribute to the current debate on platform regulation and could serve as a source of inspiration for a balanced approach to platform regulation.

Against this background, ELI speakers and Reporters of the project, Christoph Busch (University of Osnabrück and Yale Information Society Project), Gerhard Dannemann (Humboldt University of Berlin and Oxford), Hans Schulte-Nölke (University of Osnabrück and Nijmegen), Aneta Wiewiorowska-Domagalska (University of Osnabrück), and Fryderyk Zoll (University of Osnabrück and Krakow) as well as guest speakers Stefan Naumann (Head of Commercial Law at Zalando SE) and Ursula Pachl (Deputy Director General at the European Consumer Organisation) provided a first assessment of the Digital Services Act Package and illustrated how the Digital Services Act could benefit from the work of ELI.