ELI Fundamental Constitutional Principles Series: Webinar III on Judicial Independence


In February 2024, ELI published its Charter of Fundamental Constitutional Principles of a European Democracy.

It consists of seven parts, ie (1) liberal democracy; (2) the rule of law; (3) judicial independence; (4) checks and balances – accountability; (5) dignity and equality; (6) protection of fundamental rights; and (7) constitutional integrity. Each part is broken into Principles and each Principle is accompanied by a succinct commentary on its meaning and scope and indicative references to its legal sources. The full ELI Charter, which is yet to be copyedited and formatted, is available here

ELI will organise 7 webinars, each reflecting the above parts, with experts in each field, with a view to discussing its output in more depth.

The third one in the series will be on Judicial Independence and takes place on 8 April 2024 from 12:30–14:00 CET. To attend, register here.

Confirmed Speakers include:


  • Pascal Pichonnaz – ELI President; Professor, University of Fribourg

ELI Co-Chair and Co-Reporter

  • Takis Tridimas – Professor, King's College London, Project Co-Reporter

External Speakers

  • Sylwia Gregorczyk-Abram – Attorney at law, co-creator of the civic initiative 'Free Courts' and the Justice Defence Committee

  • Signe Öhman 

    – Vice Chair of the Council of Europe's European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ)
  • Sophie Turenne – Assistant Professor, University of Cambridge; Co-Reporter of ELI project on ELI-Mount Scopus European Standards of Judicial Independence
  • Jan van Zyl Smit – Acting Director of Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, British Institute of International and Comparative Law

Other webinars in the series:

  • Webinar I on the Liberal Democracy – 11 March 2024 (recording here)
  • Webinar II on the Rule of Law – 25 March 2024 (recording here)
  • Webinar III on Judicial Independence – 8 April 2024 (register here)
  • Webinar IV on Dignity and Equality – 22 April 2024 (register here)
  • Webinar V on Checks and Balances: Accountability – 6 May 2024 (register here)
  • Webinar VI on Protection of Fundamental Rights – 16 May 2024 (register here)
  • Webinar VII on Constitutional Integrity – 17 June 2024 (register here)