ELI Webinar Series on the Legal Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis


In light of the continued turmoil, disruption and uncertainty ushered in by COVID-19, ELI has decided to organise a series of fortnightly webinars, most of which are dedicated to the pandemic.

The first webinar, devoted to the ‘ELI Principles for the COVID-19 Crisis’, which were drafted collectively by the ELI Executive Committee, took place on 23 April 2020 and attracted well over 100 participants from Europe and beyond. More information on the webinar is available here.

The second webinar on Hardship & Force Majeure took place on 7 May 2020 and attracted similar numbers. More information on the webinar is available here. Details on the third webinar on Insolvency and Collection Proceedings Post-COVID-19 of 21 May 2020 are also available here.

To consult the combined agenda, which features an overview on forthcoming webinars, please click here

Please note that the events are for ELI Members only. However, videos of the webinars will be subsequently posted on ELI’s website.