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Council Standing Committees

In accordance with Article 10(5) of the ELI Articles of Association, the Council has established the Membership Committee (MC) and the Fundraising Committee (FRC) as standing committees of the Council and entrusted them with the tasks specified below.  

Membership Committee

The MC has been established by Council Decision 2011/11. The Council has delegated the following tasks and powers to the MC:

  • to develop a structured policy for the recruitment of new members, in particular for targeting underrepresented countries, disciplines and professions;
  • to negotiate, as far as necessary, membership fees with Institutional Observers; and
  • to decide cases of doubt as well as advise the Secretariat in dealing with difficult requests.

Current Members:

  • Doralt, Walter (Chair)
  • Bargelli, Elena
  • Biondi, Yuri
  • Bray, Robert
  • Brkan, Maja
  • Cavalier, Georges
  • Clément, Marc
  • Comba, Mario
  • Cvejic Jancic, Olga
  • Dollani, Nada
  • European Land Registry Association (ELRA)
  • Gammeljord, Anne Birgitte
  • Gilligan, Paul
  • Iamiceli, Paola
  • Jiménez Munoz, Fransisco Javier
  • Kaiafa-Gbandi, Maria
  • Keglević Steffek, Ana
  • Király, Miklós
  • Moser, Philip
  • Ruda, Albert
  • Schulze, Reiner
  • Sorabji, John
  • Meijer, Maarten
  • Cotiga-Raccah, Andra
  • Sabato, Raffaele

Fundraising Committee

The FRC has been established by Council Decision 2011/14. The Council has delegated the following tasks and powers to the FRC:

  • to sound out ways to attract additional funds for the work of the ELI from sources compatible with the principle of independence; and
  • to support and advise the Treasurer in matters concerning the financial situation of the ELI.

Current Members:

  • Bray, Robert (co-chair)
  • Avgerinos, Yannis
  • Avolio, Francesco
  • Cavalier, Georges (co-chair)
  • Philippe, Denis (co-chair)
  • Wierzbowski, Marek