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The ELI at the National Council Meeting of ELSA Austria

ELI Secretary General, Dr Vanessa Wilcox, and ELI PR Officer, Ayper Deniz, will attend the National Council Meeting of the Austrian branch of the European Law Students Association (ELSA Austria) at...


Presentation of the Rescue of Business in Insolvency Law Project in Vienna (Austria)

20 December 2017: Presentation of the recently published ELI Instrument at the Palais Trautson in Vienna.


Insurance Law in a Changing EU Conference in Vienna (Austria)

18 January 2018: this conference is co-organised by the Project Group on a Restatement of European Insurance Contract Law, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice and the ELI.


Presentation of the ELI at the Law Faculty of the Catholic University of Lyon (France)

More information will be provided in due course.


How Digital Transformation Drives European Integration Conference in London (UK)

27 Februar 2018: as Europe stands at the crossroads of change, the need for greater insight by the UK into legal developments on the Continent becomes increasingly clearer. There is much merit in the...


ELI-UNIDROIT Civil Procedure Meeting in Rome (Italy)

9—10 April 2018: Members of this Project will meet in Rome for one of their two annual meetings. More information on this event will follow in due course.

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