About ELI

ELI President Pascal Pichonnaz

Founded in June 2011, the European Law Institute (ELI) is an independent, democratic, membership-based organisation with a broad network of over 1,600 individual Members and over 140 Institutional Members. Its Members include judges, academics, legal practitioners, government officials as well as policy and decision makers. Together, they form a unique European legal community from over 60 different countries in Europe and beyond.

ELI aims at contributing to the improvement of European legal development in a global context in the broadest sense. As such, its activities span all areas of law. It achieves its aims by initiating, conducting and facilitating research, primarily through projects. The Institute’s extensive and diverse network of members and externals uniquely positions it to issue well-considered recommendations and practical guidance on pressing legal issues. It is this that has gained ELI’s work the respect it enjoys. ELI’s works have influenced the European legislature as well as laws at national and international level, therefore impacting the lives of millions in Europe and beyond.

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