For the eighth year, the European Law Institute seeks to give voice to young lawyers through its Young Lawyers Award competition.


The ELI Council convenes in Vienna from 22–23 February 2024 for a meeting opened by the President of the OGH.


The above Rules, developed jointly by ELI and the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), were translated by Prof Dr Paula Costa e Silva, Prof Dr Edilson Vitorelli and...


The exchange took place remotely on 12 February 2024


ELI President convened with various Austrians Federal Ministers and Presidents of Bars on 9–10 February in Vienna.


The Webinar, held on 8 February, provided a stimulating forum for a transatlantic conversation


2nd Webinar in Spanish Hub’s Series

Explore the interactions between damage compensation schemes at the Hub’s webinar on 26 February 2024 (19:00– 20:00 CET)


ELI Turkish Hub Hosts Webinar on the ELI's Company Capital and Financial Accounting for Sustainability

Join the webinar on 27 February 2024 (17:00 TR) and analyse ELI’s Report alongside a distinguished panel of experts.


ELI Nordic Hub Hosts ADM Event: When Your Fridge Does Your Shopping

Join the above event online on 28 February 2024 (15:00–17:00 UTC+1), to delve into the ELI project on whether EU law is ADM ready.