Graduating in June 1986 from the Law Faculty, University of Bucharest, Camelia Toader started her career as a judge in September 1986.

In February 1992, she became a member of the teaching staff at the Private Law Department of her alumni University, currently teaching International Successions, European Contract Law, Cooperation in Civil and Commercial Matters, Arbitration and EU Law and, in French, Contencieux de l’UE. Camelia Toader has led the ‘Leontin-Jean Constantinesco’ Research Centre for Comparative Law since June 2022. From November 1992, she has conducted research in Hamburg for her doctoral Thesis and Postdoctoral Projects at the Max Planck Institute for International Private and Comparative Law.

After two years as an advisor to the Ministry of Justice during Romania’s Accession Negotiations to the EU and a Member of the Drafting Committee of the New Civil Code, she was appointed as a judge at the Supreme Court of Romania, where she served for eight years, before being appointed as the first Romanian judge at the CJEU, the institution that she served from January 2007 until October 2021.

Since December 2021, Camelia Toader has also been an Arbitrator with the Court of International Commercial Arbitration in Bucharest.