Gianluca Grasso has been, since January 2020, Member of the Board of Directors of the Italian School for the Judiciary. Previously he held several positions in the judiciary, among other things as a judge at the Documentation and Study Office of the Court of Cassation and trainer of the Italian Judicial School in the Supreme Court (2015–2020), judge at the Secretariat of the High Council for the Judiciary (2010–2015) and national judge at the Court of Justice European Union (2009).

He holds a PhD in Law from the European School of Advanced Studies of Naples and authored a book on European Contract Law and more than 100 contributions in volumes and legal reviews (Il Foro Italiano, Rivista di Diritto Civile, Contratto e Impresa, Contratto e Impresa/Europa, Famiglia e diritto, Giurisprudenza di merito, Diritto e giurisprudenza, Famiglia e Successioni, Diritto dell'Unione Europea).