After graduation from the law department of Warsaw University in 1978, Teresa Bielska-Sobkowicz decided to become a judge. She is now a judge with over 44 years of experience. Her professional career spanned all judicial career levels, from trainee and judge in training at a small district court near Warsaw to the office of the Supreme Court of Poland justice in 2002. Her specialisation field was initially family law, then also civil private law and EU law. Bielska-Sobkowicz was also a head of the division in the Civil Chamber from 2013 to 2021.

Bielska-Sobkowicz worked in the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court until she retired in October 2022. During her professional life, she fulfilled her duties with utmost engagement and having regard for parties to the proceedings, principle of impartiality and judicial independence.

As a retired judge she still participates in legal community life in Poland, and, thanks to her membership in ELI, also in Europe. Bielska-Sobkowicz is a co-author of substantive civil law and civil procedure commentaries, and she has also served as a juror in annual competitions for the most valuable law book in court practice.