Ilaria Pretelli is a legal counsel and expert in private international law at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, Editor of the Yearbook of Private International Law, Member of the Consejo Asesor of the Cuadernos de derecho transnacional, Member of the Comité français de droit international privé, collaborator of the Revue Critique de droit international privé and Member of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Parenthood. Formerly a practicing lawyer and lecturer (hab) in international law in Italy, she has been a visiting Professor at the Jean Monnet Faculty (Paris Sud University) and the Director of the Centre d’Études Juridiques Européennes (Paris-Urbino). Her main areas of interest are international and comparative dimensions of family law, global governance of digital platforms, the legal situation of third parties and, more generally, the protection of children and other vulnerable subjects by means of private international law and fundamental rights.