Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony took place on 2 September 2015, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna. Guests were welcomed by then ELI President, Diana Wallis, joined by Heinz Faßmann, Vice-Rector of the University of Vienna, who expressed his gratitude that the ELI Secretariat will be hosted by the University of Vienna for another four years. Vice-Rector Faßman encouraged participants to use the upcoming Conference as an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the implementation of existing European law. Paul Oberhammer, Dean of the Faculty of Law, welcomed the guests to the Faculty’s premises and highlighted the great contribution of ELI to the development and improvement of the quality of law in Europe. Harriet Lansing, then immediate past President of the Uniform Law Commission (ULC), delivered a keynote lecture in which she highlighted the similarities and opportunities for cooperation between ELI and the ULC. According to her, the ULC and the ELI have similar processes, projects and ultimate goals and therefore it is 'mutually worthwhile not only to exchange ideas and information but also to pursue opportunities to work together in specifically identified areas.'