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The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia within its competency deals with both legal and political-legal policy issues. It is an important tool for strengthening democratic rule-of-law state. Constitutional Court’s responsibility towards the sovereign is to protect the principles of Latvia as a democratic rule-of law state within the limits of the Constitution and to protect constitutional identity of Latvia.

By protecting constitutional values and fundamental rights, the Constitutional Court plays an important role in forming and developing a society based on the fundamental principles of democracy, rule of law, human rights, and free market economy. Judgments of the Constitutional Court are a matter of the reputation of the state, contribute to its economic development and have an impact on processes regulated by the Constitution.

The Constitutional Court has played an important role in strengthening Latvian statehood by assessing issues of constitutional importance and developing the interpretation of the Constitution in accordance with a democratic rule-of-law state and the ideas and principles of constitutionalism. Judgments of the Constitutional Court reflect the evolution of the structure of the Latvian state and constitutionalism over the past two decades and form a doctrine of constitutional law in Latvia.