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The European Union of Judges in Commercial Matters (UEMC) unifies all European country associations of judges in commercial matters where expert judges are part of the commercial jurisdiction system – currently Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland.

UEMC was founded in 1989 in Strasbourg, France, at the office of the Council of Europe where it is registered as an INGO.

Strengthening European commercial jurisdiction through the strong involvement of expert judges in commercial matters is the Union's main aim. The exchange of experience between the different member states, the development of a Best Practice of European commercial jurisdiction, the support of the European Network of Associations of Lay Judges to strengthen the importance of the civil society, and assisting the development of a common European sales law and a common European commercial jurisdiction system are other parts of UEMC's work.

UEMC's homepage features the history of the European judges in commercial matters which started more than 500 years ago and also provides links to member associations.