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The Foundation for Research on Law and Business (Fide) is a legal-economic think-tank, an operational center of knowledge in a practical state, made possible thanks to the active participation of all levels of civil society that have something to say about it: from the top management of the companies to law firms, from university chairs to Courts of Justice, from all instances of the Administration to professionals from different fields related to the world of Law and Business. They all have a place, and a preferred place, in Fide.

Every year, Fide organises more than 300 forums and debates that allow to know first-hand the resolutions, regulations or issues that arise daily in the legal-business environment, and the conclusions that are reached, which allows all attendees, not only to have a direct approach to the most relevant questions of the economic legal world, but also to debate them among themselves with direct knowledge of the opinions of their authors.

More than 40 groups of experts meet regularly at Fide to analyse, debate and make concrete proposals on legal, economic and scientific issues that we consider merit input from a legal perspective. We invite you to visit the different Working Groups and their conclusions, to send us your opinion and if you share the conclusions, send them to those people, institutions, companies, etc. that you consider that they may be interested in knowing them. For further information, visit our website