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The French Brussels Bar (“Ordre francophone du Barreau de Bruxelles”) is the official public representative body of lawyers holding the title of “avocat”. Registration to the Brussels Bar is mandatory to practise law in Belgium and abroad under that title. The Bar is responsible for ensuring respect and enforcement of professional rules by lawyers, defending their interests at national, European and international level and preserving our values and ethics throughout the Kingdom and abroad.

 The French Brussels Bar, thanks to the presence of the European institutions and a long-standing policy of openness towards foreign lawyers currently comprises more than 5,000 members, including 541 lawyers from 22 European countries and 98 lawyers of other countries worldwide. European lawyers registered under the E-list can exercise their profession as lawyers under the title of their Member state of origin whilst non-European lawyers, registered under the B-List, can be admitted as a “associated members of the Brussels Bar”. The existence of two lists is explained by the difference in powers to represent and defend clients before Belgian courts. B-List lawyers are not allowed to represent and defend their clients before such courts. They can, however, choose to qualify as a Belgian lawyer, provided they meet certain conditions.