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The Paris Bar was founded under the reign of Louis XIV. Nowadays, it represents almost 30 000 lawyers, i.e. nearly half of those practicing in France, with an equal number of men and women among its ranks. Its prime objectives are to organise and structure the legal profession, to strengthen training and adapt it to the deep changes occurring in society and to expand the role and the influence of law in France and abroad.

Traditionally, the Paris Bar is very often approached when human rights are in danger. It supports the abolition of the death penalty actively and has been a member of the Steering Committee of the World Coalition against the Death Penalty since its creation in 2002. The Paris Bar is also a founding member of The International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger (OIAD) launched in 2015. The purposes of the OIAD are to defend lawyers who come under threat because they practice their profession and to denounce situations which are detrimental to the right to defence.


1) Mission of Assistance: Lawyers of the Paris Bar are able to issue advice, assist, represent litigants and inform them on the exercise of their rights.

2) Social Mission: The Bar Paris has developed access to justice for the greatest number of people, via free legal consultations.

3) Mission of ensuring civil liberties: The Paris Bar promotes and defends, in France and around the world, Human Rights and has emerged as a key player in the defense of liberty.

4) Economic Development Mission: The Paris Bar participates in the creation of economic wealth by advising entrepreneurs and ensures Paris’ prime position on the international market in legal development.