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The School of Law of Bocconi University (Bocconi School of Law) is a leading teaching and research institution based in Milan (Italy). It was founded in 1999. As a part of Bocconi University, Bocconi School of Law enjoys great reputation and high standing for the excellence of its teaching and research activities in national and international rankings.

 The objective of the School of Law is twofold. The School of Law strives to offer the highest quality of legal education through its academic programs aiming at preparing law students for legal professions, and careers in academia and institutions. Moreover, the School of Law aims at shaping the legal debate, and providing guidance and a deeper understanding of the law, through its research activities at the national, European, and international levels. The faculty of Bocconi School of Law comprises renowned scholars from Italy and abroad, and the School has connections and cooperation agreements with top-tier academic institutions around the world.      

 Bocconi School of Law offers several academic programs, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with courses covering all branches of law. Courses are offered in Italian and English. Following the Italian system of legal education, the School of Law offers a 5-year Integrated Master of Arts in Law with different professional tracks. In addition, Bocconi School of Law offers three specialized master-level degrees in law  (one in Italian, the Master in Diritto Tributario dell’Impresa, on taxation law; two entirely in English: the LL.M. in European Business and Social Law, and the LL.M. in Law of Internet Technology). Finally, the School of Law gives graduate students the possibility to earn a specialized degree in corporate law and to attend a professional specialist program in cooperation with the University of Pavia. Both programs are in Italian. All the academic programs of the School of Law feature the opportunity for students to take legal clinics, internships in Italy and abroad, and exchange programs at partner institutions.

The hallmarks of Bocconi School of Law are its international dimension, practical teaching method, and problem-solving approach in research.