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Founded in 1994, the University of Opole has 12 faculties and 19 research institutes. It is a dynamic, modern and versatile academic platform that continually expands its educational offers and cooperates with academic and business partners both in Poland and abroad. Our students can go on placements and exchanges within the Erasmus+ or Europa Master Programmes. They can obtain various scholarships and can develop their interests and passions by taking part in a wide range of activities in the fields of science, sport and culture.

The Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Opole, as one of the youngest and most dynamically developing faculties in Poland. It offers not only up-to-date legal knowledge, but also it instils in its students a concern for the common good. This is possible thanks to the commitment of the research and didactic staff, which includes a team of committed theoreticians and practitioners (judges, prosecutors, attorneys, legal advisors, government officials, etc). The mission of the Faculty is to educate for public service, to deepen the vision of man and the world in the context of contemporary challenges, to facilitate a high level of academic education and research, and to develop initiatives leading to the strengthening of ties with other scientific and research units.