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Vojvodina Bar Association 

ZmajJovina 20

21000 Novi Sad, Serbia 


+381 21 52 12 35


+381 21 52 94 59





The Vojvodina Bar Association, then called the Bar Association of Novi Sad, was established in 1921. It has six branches and approximately 1,800 attorneys and 400 apprentices.

Advocating the principles of respect for human rights, constitutionality and legality since its founding, the Bar Association operates independently. It is the only Bar Association of former Yugoslavia, not being a national bar, which is a member of the International Union of Lawyers (Union Internationale Des Avocats) and a Permanent Member of the Vienna Conference of Bar Associations.

In addition to strictly professional issues, the Vojvodina Bar Association is also known for a scholarship programme for law students and is one of the founders of the fund for Scholarships for Gifted Students of the University of Novi Sad. It is also a publisher of important publications and books in the fields of law, sociology and economy and a sponsor of a number of events related to law and legality.

One of the most important fields of its work is its Academy for Attorneys (2009), which is a venue for constant legal education of lawyers, apprentices and law offices administrative staff.