Digital Law SIG’s TechLawClinics Supported by Erasmus+


We are pleased to inform you that a project proposal developed with the support of ELI Digital Law SIG called ‘Future Tech Law Clinics’ was granted financial support to the sum of EUR 360,000 from the Erasmus+ programme. The project will last 3 years and will involve nearly 300 students from France, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland.

With the challenges societies experience because of the technological revolution and fast developing digitalisation, the legal world urgently needs to provide clarity and solutions. In order to do that, lawyers need to be able to identify and address legal implications posed by digital technologies. 

The TechLawClinics project aims at developing a new educational approach using law clinics culminating in moot courts, and Spring schools, in order to raise students’ awareness about these challenges. Among the objectives of TechLawClinics are scrutinising the intersection of law and technology and proposing new legal rules in the field; training students and boosting their career prospects as legal experts in the digital economy as well as strengthening their knowledge base in the field of innovative legal approaches towards digital technologies, and proposing a common EU response to the legal challenges posed by the digital revolution.

In accordance with the spirit of the ELI, experts from various vocational backgrounds will take part in the project, including academics from Lyon Catholic University Faculty of Law (Lead Partner), Radboud University, the University of Eastern Piedmont, the University of Łódź, Jagiellonian University, judges from courts of different Member States involved, including Lyon Administrative Court of Appeals, practitioners from bar associations and experts from tech firms.

For more information, please contact the Project Coordinator at