Digital Society – Innovation – Regulation


Interdisciplinary Conference co-organised by the Digital Law SIG in Osnabrück (Germany) on 6 December 2018.

In the digital society, the relationship between technological innovation and regulation is increasingly complex. On the one hand, technological innovations such as self-driving cars may require an adjustment of the existing regulatory framework. On the other hand, emerging technologies provide new opportunities for powerful regulatory instruments and innovative regulatory techniques.

These topics were discussed on 6 December 2018 at an interdisciplinary Conference co-organised by Christoph Busch, Osnabrück (Germany) and Alberto De Franceschi, Ferrara (Italy) on behalf of the ELI Digital Law SIG and the new interdisciplinary research hub ‘Digital Society – Innovation – Regulation’ at the University of Osnabrück. The Conference brought together leading experts from different fields including law, economics and cognitive science. The Conference featured three panels on algorithmic regulation, digital platforms and smart contracts and also provided participants with an update on the latest developments regarding ELI projects on digital platforms and blockchains.