ELI-ENCJ Statement on Alternative Dispute Resolution Approved


The ELI is delighted to announce that its Statement on The Principled Relationship of Formal and Informal Justice through the Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution has been approved unanimously by the ELI Council on 8 February 2018.

The Statement is the effect of a joint effort of the Project Team composed of the representatives of the ELI and European Network of Councils for the Judiciary (ENCJ).

The publication deals with how courts and judges should act in considering or referring cases to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and consists of two main parts: a Statement of European Best Practice in relation to the approach that courts and judges should adopt in interacting with all types of ADR processes and Recommendations as to the best European models that can be developed and applied for coherent access to dispute resolution processes (DRPs) in respect of different types of dispute, and towards which Member States may wish to progress.

This Statement will be of particular interest for judges and ADR practitioners dealing with the issues discussed on a daily basis as well as for decision makers responsible for designing effective DRP.

The ENCJ will vote upon the Statement at its Annual Assembly in May 2018.

The Statement will be published on our website thereafter.