Invitation to Join the Members Consultative Committee for the Access to Digital Assets Project


The ELI would like to invite all interested ELI Members to join the Members Consultative Committee (MCC) for the project on Access to Digital Assets, which was recently approved by the ELI Council in February.

The project, which follows on from the 'Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Feasibility Study' by the US Uniform Law Commission, aims to draft guiding principles on this increasingly developing area with a view to facilitating the position of those entitled to digital assets and the position of those who increasingly have to deal with digital assets in their daily legal practice, particularly judges, notaries and bailiffs. These will propose a firm basis for harmonising the laws of the Member States in such a way that these laws: (a) are based on a common understanding of what is meant by, 'digital assets', 'access to digital assets', etc; (b) give basic rights to those entitled to such assets; and (c) facilitate the work of legal practitioners when they are confronted with problems surrounding digital assets.

All ELI Members who are interested in actively contributing to the development of this project are kindly invited to join the MCC, regardless of their status or expertise. Please send an email to the ELI Secretariat to register your interest. You can read more about the role of MCCs and find a list of projects soliciting MCC members here.

More information about the project is available here.