Meeting of the ELI Council Members in the Austrian Ministry of Justice in Vienna


For the first time this year, Members of the ELI Council convened in Vienna in the Palais Trautson of the Austrian Ministry of Constitution, Reform, Deregulation and Justice. The meeting took place on 8 and 9 February 2018 and was chaired by the Members of the Executive Committee.

One of the crucial tasks for ELI Council Members was to vote on the Statement on The Principled Relationship of Formal and Informal Justice through the Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution, which was approved unanimously.  More information can be found here.
Council Members were also invited to cast their votes on three prospective Projects, namely:

  • Principles for a Data Economy (with the American Law Institute, ALI)

This Project will study, identify, and collate the existing and potential legal rules applicable to transactions in data as an asset and as a tradeable item and assess the ‘fit’ of those rules with these transactions. For more information on this new Project, kindly click here.

  • Common Constitutional Traditions in Europe

This Project seeks to identify the source of Common Constitutional Traditions in Europe; their content; their relationship with national identity; whether they are an autonomous source of European law and the way in which they emerge as common to Member States and are expressed as such. For more information on this new Project, kindly click here.

  • Business & Human Rights: Access to Justice and Effective Remedies (with the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, FRA)

This Project will aim at identifying a range of possible draft EU regulatory and/or soft law options intended to increase access to remedies and ensure corporate human rights compliance and thus greater corporate social responsibility. Such a draft regulatory option would also include, where appropriate, explanatory notes and background papers. For more information on this new Project, kindly click here.