Advisors of the AI and Public Administration Project Provide Initial Feedback on the Draft Model Rules


On 27 October 2020, the Project Team of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Public Administration – Developing Impact Assessments and Public Participation for Digital Democracy project hold a remote meeting with the project’s Advisors to discuss the draft Model Rules that are being developed by the Team.

After a series of successful Project Team meetings over the past few months and a webinar discussion on the project in September, the Team prepared an updated draft of the Model Rules. This draft was discussed with Advisors Péter Darák, Jonas Ebbesson, Joanna Goodey, Michael Gøtze, Alexia Maniaki-Griva, Ilaria Pretelli, David Reichel, Jane Reichel and Clara Velasco Rico.

Project Reporter Jens-Peter Schneider and Team members Jonathan Dollinger and Katarzyna Ziółkowska first briefly presented the project and major changes to the draft. This was followed by a lively discussion with the Advisory Committee members, during which the issue of definitions, purpose of the impact assessment, standards of assessments, coordination with other forms of assessments, possible remedies and the relationship between the model rules and national legal systems were discussed, among other things.

After the meeting with Advisors, the Team held another meeting to discuss the feedback received and next steps to be taken. They will meet again on 16 November to discuss further changes to the draft. This takes place prior to the meeting with the Members Consultative Committee (MCC) on 24 November. A final meeting for this year to implement feedback received by the MCC is foreseen for 9 December.