Call for an ELI Innovation Paper


ELI is delighted to announce a new ELI Innovation Paper Call, which offers ELI Members an opportunity to propose pioneering legal or multidisciplinary ideas that would deserve the attention of the European legal community and aim at improving European law.

The purpose of the Innovation Papers is to provide concrete proposals for relevant stakeholders, that may resemble ELI project output (such as draft legislation, model rules, principles, checklists or position papers), but be shorter and more tentative in nature. It is not necessary that Innovation Papers are the result of comprehensive research, but they should possibly serve as an inspiration to other stakeholders and be a catalyst for discussion. A first successful Innovation Paper entitled ‘Guiding Principles for Updating the EU Product Liability Directive for the Digital Age’ was published by the Institute in January 2021. 

ELI would like to invite interested authors to submit by 23 May 2021 their brief ideas for the next ELI Innovation Paper, which will be published and promoted by ELI, to the ELI Secretariat and through it help to shape European law. The proposer(s) of the most promising idea will be then asked to prepare an ELI Innovation Paper within one to two months.

More information about the initiative is available in the Call here. Interested authors can submit their ideas by using the template available here.