Comment on the Attacks throughout Europe


A comment from the ELI Executive Committee on the Attacks since the last Newsletter has been sent out.

This week has been characterised by yet another act of terror. Since the last Newsletter went out, a series of violent attacks - including in Paris, Dresden, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Nice, and Vienna - occurred. As Vienna is the home of the ELI, this last attack affected us in particular. We condemn any form of violence anywhere and are shocked and saddened by this brutality and loss of life. Our thoughts are with the victims and everyone affected.


What we cannot deny is that these attacks aim at spreading fear, hatred, and separation. What is more, they attack European and International fundamental values. Democracy, freedom, and the rule of law are common values in all EU countries and beyond. These values are deeply rooted in our societies, define the common basis, and glue us together. They stand for societies in which integrity, tolerance, justice, and solidarity prevail.


After every attack, the world reacts with solidarity. Citizens, political leaders, and countries as a whole move closer together. We jurists do the same: We work together to tackle one crisis after another. We appeal at solving issues and conflicts without resorting to any form of violence; our tools of choice are consensus and agreements. In this way, we build the legal framework for upholding our fundamental values and provide guidance for solution-oriented law-making.


The ELI provides a platform for this endeavour by bringing experts together. We seek to build a more vigorous European legal community, facilitate conversations, and build upon shared legal knowledge. So let us continue to tackle every problem together – by finding legal solutions.