ELI Council Convenes for its Biannual Meeting in Vienna


Between 28 February and 1 March 2019, members of the ELI Council met in Vienna to discuss updates since their last meeting and make important decisions on the organisation's future.

Hosted by the Austrian Ministry of Justice, the meeting took place at Palais Trautson. Among other matters, the Council discussed a series of proposed amendments of the ELI Statute and Election Byelaws in the light of the upcoming ELI elections and changes to Belgian law. In addition, President Wendehorst outlined the first draft of the ELI's Project Strategy, which was critically assessed and discussed.

On the subject of ELI projects, the Council approved the ELI Instrument on Empowering European Families. As a next step, the Instrument will be voted upon by the General Assembly. As several other ELI projects will be put to vote at the Annual Conference and General Assembly in September, in-depth discussions dominated the meeting and were preceded by Reporters presenting the progress made in their respective projects to date.

Importantly, a new project on Access to Digital Asset, headed by ELI Vice-President Sjef van Erp, was approved by the Council, subject to conditions. More information can be found here.