ELI Involved in Discussions on Energy Communities


ELI, its member Schoenherr, Bernard Energy and Philippe & Partners engaged in a stimulating debate on ‘Energy Communities 2020+ Legal, Regulatory and Corporate Framework’ on 14 January in Vienna.

The recent ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ package formally introduced the concept of ‘energy communities’, which can be described as local communities that use technical opportunities presented by decentralised energy and other new technological developments in the energy industry, to create a local autonomous electricity system. 

The Conference aimed at presenting and examining the concept of energy communities and at outlining potential adjustments to the legal and regulatory framework, which are likely needed to implement energy communities in practice. The Conference also addressed the question as to which corporate framework appears to be the best for energy communities.

Among the speakers were Christiane Wendehorst, ELI President, and Denis Philippe, ELI Treasurer, as well as Bernd Rajal, Partner, Schoenherr, Marion Malafosse, Policy Officer, DG ENER, Pierre Bernard, Managing Partner, BEA and Wolfgang Urbantschitsch, Executive Director, E-Control. You can find the agenda of the event here.

After presentations, participants engaged in a lively discussion, including on potential ELI projects in the field. ELI is keen to play a crucial role in the climate debate.

To learn more about and/or join the recently launched ELI Environmental Law SIG, kindly click here.

ELI wishes to thank Schoenherr for hosting the event.