ELI President engages with members of the Czech Ministry of Justice and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


On 30 September 2019 ELI President Wendehorst presented the outcomes of the ELI Empowering European Families (EEF) project at the Ministry of Justice in Prague.

The outcome of the project, including the different toolkits can be found here.

On this occasion Wendehorst, one of the Reporters of the EEF project, met Junior Deputy Minister of Justice, Helena Klima Lisucha, and the Director of the International Department for Civil Matters, Zuzana Fišerová, at the premises of the Ministry of Justice. This is one of a series of meetings the ELI President has held in a bid to seek to gain cooperation on dissemination with different national ministries. Some fruitful discussions were held and a possible future cooperation in the field of international family law was put on the table. 

Additionally, ELI President Wendehorst met senior representatives of the Institute of State and Law of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, where she informed them about ELI and its ongoing projects. Participants of the meeting included Hana Müllerová, Head of the Department of Public Law, Tomáš Doležal, Head of the Department of Private Law, and Michal Šejvl, Head of the Department of Legal Theory and Legal Philosophy.

Wendehorst welcomed the insightful contributions of all the participants.