New Digital Law SIG Publication: ‘Digital Revolution – New Challenges for Law’ Special Offer for ELI and ALI Members!


Digital Revolution – New Challenges for Law, a volume edited by Alberto De Franceschi and Reiner Schulze and consisting of carefully selected contributions by leading scholars, practitioners and policymakers, among others also from ELI President Christiane Wendehorst, addresses the impact of digital technology on European laws, taking inspiration from the work of ELI’s Digital Law SIG.

Contributions address such diverse issues as the notion of personal and non-personal data, data protection, supply of digital content, digital inheritance, online platforms, artificial intelligence, algorithmic regulation, Internet of Things, 3D-Printing, blockchain technology, smart contracts and virtual currencies.

The analysis of these issues is not confined to one area such as contract law, but cuts across both legal subjects and other disciplines to highlight the breadth and depth of the challenges posed by digitalisation. In particular, this volume highlights the consequence of digitalisation by analysing new overlaps and relationships between different fields of law (eg the relationship between contract law and data protection, or private and criminal responsibility in the Internet of Things). Furthermore, it considers which new aspects and structures may arise for the main areas of law as a result of the digital revolution, and how to determine their interrelationship. The table of contents can be found here.

Written for scholars, practitioners and policymakers, this volume provides answers to the challenges posed by the digital revolution and acts as a basis for further developments of EU law and beyond. The publication can be purchased here. There is also a special offer for ALI and ELI members – a discount of 35% – valid for orders made until 15 October using the following form.