Seminar on Constitutional Traditions Common to the Member States and ELI Project Team Meeting


On 28–29 November, a seminar took place at Bocconi University in Milan. Several members of ELI’s Common Constitutional Traditions project spoke alongside other leading experts in the field at the event and met to discuss the first preliminary output of the project.

During the seminar, the project as well as its methodology were presented by one of the Project’s Reporter, Judge Emeritus Sabino Cassese. As the Team has already collected and analysed the first 21 national reports which deal with freedom of speech, freedom of movement and judicial independence, initial findings were also discussed. You can find the agenda of the Seminar here.


A closed Project Team meeting followed, during which the Team decided to focus the Project on two pillars, one dedicated to further analysis of fundamental rights and the other on broader constitutional principles.


The next Project Team meeting, focusing on the first pillar, will take place on 30–31 January 2020 at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg.