Austrian Hub Organises a First Lecture in its Evening Series on ‘Empirical Foundations of the Iron Law of Financial Regulation’


On 4 May 2022, Prof Eidenmüller presented the ‘Law by Algorithm’ book which he wrote with co-author Prof Dr Gerhard Wagner, LLM (University of Chicago).

He began by explaining important key aspects of the book and showing that dealing with new technologies requires a combination of social science and normative insights. The presentation focused on the final chapter of the book, ‘Digital Dispute Resolution’. Prof Eidenmüller contrasted the shortcomings of current courts with the possibilities offered by digital alternative dispute resolution platforms. At the same time, he emphasised that AI is never fully neutral and warned about the enormous power that large platforms have in out-of-court dispute resolution. Additionally, he stressed that it will become increasingly important to train human judges appropriately so that they are able to review private decisions made by AI.

We would like to thank Prof Eidenmüller very much for the exciting lecture!