ELI Hubs

ELI Hubs are a practical means through which ELI Members can meet closer to home, communicate in their native language, discuss current or upcoming Projects, and generate ideas for future ELI activities. The ELI is committed to the principle of collaborative working and strongly encourages Hub activity, as Hubs serve as a two-way communication channel between the ELI and its Members.

Hub Guidelines

In accordance with Article 3 of the Statute, the Council approved the Guidelines for ELI Hubs and SIGs on 24 January 2019. These Guidelines provide a detailed outline of the purpose of Hubs, general principles, and everything ELI Members need to know regarding launch events, communication with the ELI Secretariat and other relevant information.

The Guidelines stress that Hubs are an important means through which jurists of all backgrounds can come together and share their insights, and recognise their role as a laboratory for ideas and future ELI Projects. Hubs may be formed on a geographical or subject-specific basis. This is not, however, the only possible way to establish a Hub, as they may also be formed on a professional basis, so long as the membership of such Hubs is open to ELI Members from other professional backgrounds.

Guidelines on ELI Hubs highlight that there should be frequent communication between Hubs and the ELI Secretariat, in order to ensure Hubs are properly integrated into the ELI. To help ensure that the ELI is a truly multi-jurisdictional organisation, these Guidelines encourage Hubs to host the ELI’s Annual Conference and General Assembly in close co-operation with the ELI Executive Committee and ELI Secretariat.

Hubs are self-regulating and must elect at least two chairs and report on their activities to the ELI Council annually.


Join or Establish a Hub

The ELI is delighted to announce that discussion on the launch of Asia Pacific, Belgian, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian and Serbian Hubs are underway. If you are interested in setting up or joining a Hub in your country, please do not hesitate to contact the ELI Secretariat.

Please note that by joining the ELI, you automatically become a Member of the Hub, where one exists, of your country of residence.