Austrian Hub’s Lecture on International Commercial Contracts and Dispute Resolution


The ELI Austrian Hub held a lecture on ‘International Commercial Contracts and Dispute Resolution’ at the University of Graz on 3 February 2022. The event focused on the updated Vienna rules established by the Vienna International Arbitral Centre (VIAC).

The new VIAC Secretary General, Mag Niamh Leinwather, participated in the event for the first time as the Secretary General. She introduced the new rules and the reasons for updating the rules in 2021. Her presentation was followed by Professor Dr Irene Welser (Cerha Hempel), who focused on the legal and practical challenges emanating from the use of new technologies in arbitral proceedings. Dr Werner Jahnel (LALIVE) presented the new rules for arbitral proceedings in the context of succession cases and estate planning in an international context. Dr Veronika Korom (ESSEC Business School/Queritius) focused on investment arbitration based on the Vienna rules. The event attracted more than 50 participants from practice, academia and the judiciary.