ELI Austrian Hub Held a Lecture on EU Data Economic Law


On 14 November 2022, the ELI Austrian Hub held an evening lecture on ‘The New EU Data Economic Law: Data Act and Data Governance Act. Difficulties and Pitfalls for Practice’ as part of ‘Monday Seminar Series’, organised by Univ-Prof Dr Susanne Augenhofer, LL M (Yale) and Univ-Prof Dr Alexander Schopper.

Prof Dr Moritz Hennemann (University of Passau) spoke to participants online about the current challenges of EU data law and presented the Data Act and the Data Governance Act as the most recent legal Acts of the EU Commission in the data law field. Subsequently, Anna Ludin (Data Law Expert, EU Commission) gave insights into the legislative development process as well as the backgrounds of these EU legal Acts and supplemented Prof Hennemann's lecture with a personal assessment of European data law. This was followed by a Q&A session.

More details are available here.