The Austrian Hub Held a Conference on ‘Class and Aggregate Litigation in Europe and North America’


The ELI Austrian Hub organised a Conference on ‘Class and Aggregate Litigation in Europe and North America’, which took place from 8–9 July 2022 at Villa La Pietra (NYU) in Florence, Italy. The event was initiated and co-organised by Univ Prof Dr Susanne Augenhofer, LL M (Yale), a chair of the ELI Austrian Hub and the Civil Justice Center at NYU School of Law.

The attendees discussed the status quo of collective redress in the United States and the European Union, recent developments in both jurisdictions and the hurdles people face regarding access to justice.

The first day of discussion included panels focusing mainly on the US, with special emphasis on the current legal framework in North America and on two of the most prominent cases (VW and opioids). On the second day, the conference switched its focus to the European side of aggregate litigation and to consumer contracts: the recently adopted Representative Actions Directive (EU) 2020/1828, which introduces for the first time a system that allows for qualified entities to sue for compensation on behalf of consumers and its main innovations as well as shortcomings were discussed. The conference was concluded by a panel which analysed the controversial topic of third-party litigation funding.

The attendees engaged in lively formal and informal discussions that brought up further issues, eg, the historical developments of collective redress in the US and the EU or the cultural differences between the two continents, which might have played and continue to play an important role in the development of mass litigation.

The organisers would like to thank all the participants for attending this special conference and engaging in lively and fruitful discussions and the ELI and EU for the support

More information is available here.