Italian Hub Co-Organised a Conference on ‘Legal Liability for Allocation of Scarce Resources in Health Care in the COVID-19 Pandemic’


The event took place on 15 April 2021 and was organised jointly by the Faculty of Law of the University of Bergamo, the Centre for Medical Law at the Charles University Faculty of Law (Prague, Czech Republic), and the ELI Italian Hub.

The conference aimed at inspiring and providing a platform for international discussion on two questions which have proven crucial in the COVID-19 pandemic all around the world: a) what rules can be used to prioritise patients if there are not enough resources (such as health professionals and medical devices) in health care systems, and b) what are and should be the legal liability implications in this context. Nineteen lawyers presented fourteen national reports from Europe, both Americas, Africa, and Australia. In the special guests’ sections, three intensive care experts (from Bergamo, Prague, and New York) and bioethicist Arthur Caplan shared their unique experiences and ideas.

Structured national reports and special guests’ essays will be collected in a post-conference publication.