Italian Hub Co-Organises Conference on Current Issues in European Legislature and Jurisprudence


From 17–19 December 2020, the ELI Italian Hub co-organised the ‘Stage Andrea Cafiero’ webinar, which dealt with current issues in European legislature and jurisprudence. The event attracted around 700 participants from all over the globe, with the majority of participants stemming from the legal field.

The three day conference covered a broad issue of topics. The first day kicked off with contributions from Rita Giannini (UK Law Society), Fabrizio di Gianni (Van Bael & Bellis russels), and Carlo Forte (Consiglio Nazionale Forense Brussels) on ‘The European Lawyer’. The next issue tackled was the ‘Juridical Cooperation in Civil Matters’; in particular, Salvatore Guzzi (CGI Campania) and Flavia Rolando (University of Naples Federico II) provided insight into the ‘Small Claims Procedure’. Then, ‘The New Audiovisual Services Directive’ was elaborated on by Marco Serpone (Studio Chiomenti), Benedetta Liberatore (Direzione contenuti audiovisivi AGCOM Napoli), Oreste Pallotta (Ordine degli avvocati di Torre Annunziata, Sky Italy), and Paolo Del Vecchio (Attorney General). The last day concluded with a presentation on the ‘Fight Against Gender Discrimination in the EU’, which was provided by Federico Maria De Luca di Melpignano (Esperto Ufficio Nazionale Antidiscriminazioni Razziali), Laura Guercio (EU Fundamental Rights Agency, FRA), Immacolata Troianiello (Consigliere COA Napoli), and Devrim Aydin (Foro di Ankara, University of Ankara).

The second day started with Gianluca Luise (University of Naples Frederico II), Alberto Colabianchi (Foro di Roma), and Susanna Quadri (Parthenope University of Naples) sharing their data and research on ‘EU Fonds’. Following this financial topic, Pasquale Pistone (University of Salerno, President of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation Amsterdam) and Maria Pia Nastri (University Suor Orsola Benincasa) shed light on ‘European Tax Law’. Next, Roberto Giovene Di Girasole (Foro di Napoli) and Lorenzo Salazar (Sostituto Procuratore Generale presso at the Court of Appeal of Naples) explained the ‘Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters’. Coming back to finances, Raffaele D’ambrosio (Legal Unit, Bank of Italy) and Silvia Vitro (Court of Turin) shared their insights into ‘European Banking Law’.

The last day of the webinar centered on observations of the state of European integration. A panel discussion on 'Recovery Fund, Right to Healthcare, and Rule of Law in the European Union'  was organised with the participants, including Giuseppe Tesauro (former president of the Constitutional Court, honounary member of the European Lawyers Union), Ennio Triggiani (Emeritus Professor, University of Bari Aldo Moro), Fabio Ferraro (University of Naples Frederico II), Gian Michele Roberti (Sapenzia University of Rome, President of Campania delegation of UAE), Raffaele Sabato (Judge, European Court of Human Rights), and Fausto Pocar (Emeritus Professor, University of Milan).